aerox® Aviation Oxygen Systems

We are the leading designer and manufacturer of aviation oxygen systems and accessories.

Since 1981 we have been providing the aviation industry with innovative solutions for all of its oxygen needs. We offer a complete line of stock or custom systems, parts, and accessories. We are a provider of OEM systems worldwide.

The Shaw family have been providing critical products to the aviation community for over sixty years. Our latest endeavor, Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems is being developed to become the preferred supplier to pilots and OEM customers worldwide.

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      EAA Air Ventures Oshkosh

Florida International Air Show Punta Gorda FL

If you are attending the air show you are near the home of Aerox. Located just 30 minutes south of Page Field and 30 minutes North of Naples FL. Feel free to call for a plant tour and an opportunity to meet the Aerox team!  

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Save Money. Don’t modify. Use Oxygen.

October 2019

An expensive aircraft modification to gain a few knots per hour in performance is one way of increasing ground speed. However, there's another way to improve your planes performance AND...

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At Aerox we maintain the highest level of industry standards and certifications. Fee free to contact the Aerox team directly with inquries in regards to industry standards, regulations and certifications as well as product standards and certifications.


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