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Aerox now bundling the Aithre Altus Meso as an option with any Portable Oxygen System
Introducing the complete portable system that can now keep track of the oxygen level in your portable tank – even when it’s out of sight. The Aithre Altus Meso monitor wirelessly pairs to your iOS device to display pressure, flow rate, and time remaining. Now available in all Aerox portable system configurations.

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Aerox Diluter Demand Masks
Aerox Diluter Demand Masks are the cost-effective replacement for your aging masks for all applications below FL400.  Perfect for Turboprops and light jets, the Aerox mask is approved per TSO C89A and TSO C78A.  The lightweight, easy to use mask comes with an electret microphone and Aerox's "Comfort Fit" inflatable head harness.  The Diluter Demand mask is available with a wide variety of connector types for popular applications!  

Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems
Engineered for Aviators
Aerox is qualified to ISO-9001:2015 and AS-9100D and maintains an FAA Certified Repair Station.  With rigorous engineering, quality, and manufacturing, you can be assured that you are getting a high-performance oxygen system.  Our customers include aircraft and helicopter OEMs, maintenance facilities, completion centers, EMS operators, and owner-operators.
Our products include portable oxygen systems for general aviation users, PMA oxygen cylinders in Kevlar and Steel, Diluter Demand Oxygen Masks, and complete installed systems that include cylinders, lines, regulators, and masks.  All backed by Aerox engineering expertise.
Contact Aerox at [email protected] for questions about your installation and how Aerox expertise can may your flying safer, more efficient, and more comfortable!
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