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 Announcing Aerox Fluid Power

Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fluid Power, Inc.  


Founded in 1949, Fluid Power, Inc. began overhauling high altitude, oxygen-breathing apparatus in support of the Armed Forces during the 1950-1953 Korean War. By 1957, FPI was a Government-qualified manufacturer of this sophisticated oxygen equipment. In the 1960's and 1970's, FPI also manufactured Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus for the U.S. Chemical Corp used at NIKE missile sites. The commercial version of this twin cylinder backpack became the CABA® unit known to fire departments and city service departments.

Today, as part of Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems, Aerox Fluid Power is one of the leading manufacturers of high pressure, high altitude oxygen breathing components and portable systems. Fluid Power has been an approved prime contractor to the US Military for nearly 60 years and a qualified supplier to major airframe manufacturers, airlines and leading systems integrators worldwide.

Aerox Fluid Power Provides Oxygen Systems and Components for:

  • US and Foreign Military Aviation
  • Airframers
  • Airlines
  • Aviation Systems Integrators
  • Overhaul and Repair


Fluid Power, Inc. dba Aerox Fluid Power

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Fluid Power Oxygen Components & Systems

 Portable & Emergency SystemsFlow IndicatorsOxygen RegulatorsOxygen Filler Valves

Product Spotlight - CRU-60/P

FPI pn 6200

 AFP P/N 6200 (CRU-60/P) is a quick disconnect design allowing emergency egress from the aircraft along with a safety valve which provides notable resistance to inhalation in case inadvertent disconnection occurs. The 6200 construction incorporates a secondary inlet that will attach to the bailout oxygen assembly to provide the pilot with oxygen during descent and includes a dove tail mounting plate. When attached to AFP P/N 1636 mounting bracket (AF 57B3657), this plate provides secure mounting of the connector to the parachute harness. The 6200 is manufactured in accordance with MIL-C-38271 and has been approved by the U.S. Government per QPD-38271.


Product Spotlight - 5243 Mask Connector

pn 5243

AFP P/N 5243 is a non-ejection type oxygen mask hose manufactured in accordance with MIL-PRF-83867D and qualified under QPL-83867. Intended for use with aviator's oxygen masks in non-ejection aircraft and full-face fire fighters masks, the connector is designed to mate with MS22058 female hose connectors. Maximum pressure drop ratings when connected to the MS22058 range from 1.7'' W.C. at 135 LPM to .10'' W.C. at 30 LPM.


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