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Flow Indicators & Miscellaneous Components

Components are also available for repair or overhaul of many of our product specifications such as MS22058, M7560 (MS21964), and M7891 (AN6024) as well as LOX fill cap assembly MS27566-1 (FPI P/N 4410).

Hard and Soft A12-A and A14 regulator repair kits are also available. Contact us for additional information.









P/N 9006 in-line flow indicators provide positive verification of oxygen flow to cannulas, masks and drop-down units. They feature a durable anodized aluminum body with precise flow indication as low as 0.15 LPM.

P/N 5150 Filler Yoke is designed to charge emergency bailout oxygen systems utilizing the M7560/1 valve. Provides connection to standard CGA-540 valve and includes 1/8” NPT gauge port (gauge not included). Also available with CGA-165 Adapter (FPI 5274).

P/N 1382 Hose Clamp is manufactured per specification MS22064-5 and is designed to fit .938” to 1.250” hose O.D. Made of heat treated steel alloy with phosphate/chromate finish.

Clamps are sold in 50 packs. Use Oetiker 14100030 or equivalent for installation.

P/N 6091 Fill Adapter facilitates a CGA-540 female to AN805-3 connection for recharging systems with 3/8-24 UNF-3A inlets.

9006 Flow Indicator1382 Hose Clamp

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