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Breathe Easy at Altitude

What do you need when it comes to aviator’s oxygen?


cropped-jpr-webpagelogo.pngJust Plane Radio - Aerox President Scott Ashton goes flying with the Just Plane Radio Crew and flies a legal 91.211 profile to see the effects of hypoxia.




Aerospace Executive Podcast - Starting a small business is daunting. Many people with massive potential don’t take advantage of the opportunities out of fear, but that’s exactly why we need to take the plunge.   There are unique benefits to running a smaller, more nimble operation, especially right now. Small business leadership isn’t for everyone, but those up for the task stand to gain massive success. 


What unique opportunities do small businesses have? How can we keep pushing forward and stay optimistic even when faced with challenges? How can we build the right teams to make the most of the opportunity?  



Aviation Growth Podcast - Are you using oxygen at the right altitude? While the regulations are driving o2 usage at 12,500 feet, the data is showing that we should be using it at lower altitudes.  During our conversation with Scott Ashton, we talked about the next generation of pilots and how he is teaching them about proper, safe o2 usage.  You can check out the full episode with Scott on the GHC Blog, Youtube, Vimeo, Apple, Spotify and anywhere else you listen to podcasts!




One Year and Counting... Aerox' New Owners Take On Unique Aero-Safety Company











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