Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems and Sky-Ox

The Easiest-to-Use Oxygen Systems now Provide Two Options for Pilots!



Aerox is proud to announce the acquisition of Sky-Ox!

With a long-established reputation for outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, Sky-Ox offers a complete line of portable oxygen systems for general aviation pilots and passengers.  Sky-Ox was originally founded in 1982 (just one year after Aerox!) and now 40 years later we have formed one company providing high quality oxygen systems and relentless customer service as our core values.

Sky-Ox systems are incredibly easy to use.  Just set the "Click-a-breath" regulator to the proper pressure-altitude, and the proper flowrate for that altitude is delivered to each user.  Like the Aerox portable oxygen system, there are no batteries or complex settings  - just set and flow!

“Our acquisition of Sky-Ox® will allow us to provide our customers with more options for oxygen systems for their aircraft,” said O2 Aero Managing Director and Aerox® president Scott E. Ashton.  “Like Aerox®, Sky-Ox® has a 40-year legacy of servicing the aviation industry.  Sky-Ox® holds multiple legacy Supplemental Type Certificates for installed oxygen systems that will continue to be supported, providing aircraft owners with the ability to use and maintain these very important systems with confidence.  We intend to update these STCs with more modern hardware and to expand them to additional aircraft types to give aircraft owners a wider range of options.”   

 Aerox will be providing sales and support for all Sky-Ox products, including installed systems.  Stay tuned for more developments!


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