Five Reasons why Oxygen-in-a-Can is a Can't for Pilots

Apr 15th 2022

Five Reasons why Oxygen-in-a-Can is a Can't for Pilots

Are those cans of oxygen really worth putting in your flight bag?  No - they aren't.  As we have shown many times, your blood oxygen level (SpO2) can fall below 90% at altitudes as low as 8,000'.  So why wouldn't a quick shot of oxygen be worthwhile as a "pick me up?"  Here are five reasons why a portable oxygen system is the best option to keep you safe when flying above 8,000'.

Its like trying to fly with the mags on for only a few seconds at a time...Your body absorbs oxygen into the bloodstream pretty quickly - that's why you breathe at a fairly constant rate.  Oxygen-in-a-can only gives you that extra oxygen when you put it to your mouth and pull the trigger - once its complete, the effect only lasts a short time...

Its like trying to fly with no fuel gages... Oxygen-in-a-can has no weight and since there is no gauge, you have no idea how much is left.  Meaning, you can be without it when you need it most.  

How many hands do you have?...You're getting ready for the approach - briefing the plate, its been a bumpy flight, can't get a word in with ATC for lower, and you check your SpO2....Time for a hit of O2 from the can?  Not so fast - you've got enough to do right now even though you are feeling the effects of prolonged flight up at 9,500'.  Trying to grab that can for a quick hit is the last thing you need to be doing right now..

Its empty...Now What?...You take your last puff of Oxygen-in-a-can - you think, because you aren't sure how much is left.  Then what?  It can't be refilled, so you toss it away and put another one in the flight bag.  But the case of extra cans you have is at the house and you forgot to put one in your bag.

5% Ambient Air?...That's right.  5% of what you are breathing in isn't even oxygen!

Having a portable oxygen system on board (and using it!) is the best way to ensure pilot wellness throughout your flight.  Easy to use, accessible, refillable, and designed and built to meet FAA standards, Aerox is the #1 trusted brand for portable systems.  Remember, its Toxic to Fly Hypoxic!

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