Hypoxia is your enemy! Fight it with Aerox Portable Oxygen

Feb 15th 2014

Hypoxia is your enemy!  Fight it with Aerox Portable Oxygen

Altitude is your friend!
You don't have to be flying a high performance pressurized aircraft to benefit from flying higher.  Even in a Warrior or 172, flying a few thousand feet higher can put you in smooth, cooler air, with tailwinds and great views.  Even getting up to 8,000 feet can make for a more comfortable flight.

Hypoxia is your enemy!

Even at those altitudes though, hypoxia can become a real factor.  Reading ASRS reports shows that pilots are affected by altitudes as low as 8,000 feet and report feeling sluggish, and report making more mistakes.  

Oxygen is your weapon to vanquish Hypoxia!

Having an onboard oxygen system gives you the tools you need to combat hypoxia at all altitudes.  Aerox portable systems are lightweight, easy to use, and having it on board gives you the flexibility to grab a few extra knots of tailwind, avoid traffic, fly over the cumulus build ups, and enjoy a smoother ride.

Don't forget your body's engine monitor...

Having a pulse oximeter available in the cockpit allows you to monitor and trend your oxygen level, or SpO2.  Generally, an SpO2 of less than 90% is cause for concern.  Aerox now sells the Aithre Illyrian pulse oximeter, that allows you to trend monitor your SpO2 in real time on your smart phone.  Its like an engine monitor for your body!

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