It's Toxic to Be Hypoxic

Mar 30th 2022

It's Toxic to Be Hypoxic

Aerox at Sun 'n Fun '22

Aerox is excited for Sun 'n Fun '22, which promises to be one of the biggest yet! With hangars full of exhibits, daily airshows, and aircraft from the newest in general aviation, to warbirds and homebuilts, this year will be a "can't miss!" And Aerox is there! Visit us in Booth A-098!

Flying in to Sun 'n Fun this year? Aerox is a participating exhibitor in the "Fly-In Style" promotion. Aerox is providing a free gift* for all pilots who fly into the show this year. Just stop by the Aerox Booth A-098 and tell us that you "Fly-In Style"!

*available while supplies last

This year, "Fly-In Style" With Aerox at Booth A-098!

Are you Flying Impaired Above 8,000'?

Sun 'n Fun Seminar Schedule
You've heard that, as low as 8,000', hypoxia can impair a pilot and severely reduce their ability to perform at their peak. Once again, CFII, FAAST Team Rep, and Aerox President Scott Ashton presents three seminars on hypoxia and using your oxygen system effectively. Presented as a CFI-to-student discussion, we promise no jargon or medical terms - only what you need to know to use, maintain, fill, and enjoy your onboard oxygen system so you can fly safer and alert when it matters most.

Our seminar is presented on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10:00 AM. Stop by Booth A-098 to learn more!

Fly with the #1 Trusted Brand of Oxygen System

The best pilots know...Even mild hypoxia degrades your skills and puts you and your passengers in danger. Arrive awake and alert with Aerox Oxygen Systems. TSO-Approved Oxygen Masks, Oxygen Cylinders, and parts and accessories assure you of the finest quality and performance. And no other systems are so easy to use. That's why the best pilots choose Aerox.

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