Repair Station and Support

Technical Support / Returns

If you have technical questions about using your Aerox® Oxygen System, please contact us at [email protected].

To return Aerox products for service, please email us for a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) and refer to this number in all correspondence.  In your request, please include:

Your Name

Aerox Product

Service Requested

Cell Phone / Contact Information


Repair Station Controlled Capabilities Document

The CCD contains a listing of articles the repair station is authorized to conduct maintenance on. The articles are broken down by manufacturer, model, date they were added, and any limitations deemed necessary. The FAA issued Operations Specifications (Ops Specs) provides the necessary legal FAA authorization and framework for its use. Click here to view.

Hydrostatic Testing

Aerox provides DOT Hydrostatic testing services of your portable and on-board aviation Oxygen cylinders. Ship to Aerox’s main facility at 25190 Bernwood Drive in Bonita Springs FL, 34135. Aerox works with the highest quality and trained testing services companies in the industry. Leave your hydrostatic testing services to the Aerox team.

Aerox Cylinders

Repair Station Certification

Click here to view our repair station certification.