PrO2-Plus Flightbag Portable™

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Product Overview

Nominated for the Flying Magazine 2023 Peoples Choice Award!

This small, affordable portable oxygen system may fit right inside your flight bag, but don't let its size fool you--it provides all the oxygen support you need.

Aimed at pilots who only occasionally go to higher altitudes, but want the comfort and safety that oxygen systems provide.  With up to 3 1/2 hours endurance, the Aerox Flightbag Portable features a toggle on/off switch, flow indicator for safety, gauge, fill port, and conserving cannula with quick disconnect for safe storage. The PrO2 Plus is easy to use with a fixed-flow, set for 18,000’ to support VFR pilots at any altitude.  No flow adjustment is necessary. 

The DOT-approved aluminum bottle is easy to store and has an UNLIMITED life.

(Flight bag and iPad not included)


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